​Welcome To Our Guests

We’re glad you chose to worship with us today. We hope you feel welcome as we strive to serve and strengthen each other in faith toward God and in Love toward all. Your presence is a blessing to us and we hope you will join us again for worship.

  Remember In Prayer

Church FamilyFamily and Friends 

Ellen Bowen
James Cameron
Tucker Griffin
Rob Link
Bill Harsch
Bruce Wheeler 
Bill Thompson 
Roberta Downs 
Barbara Dockery &Family Melva Shultz 
Ann Armerding 
Rick & Connie Reinart
 Mack & Nancy Sneed
Linda Rideout
Gary Rideout
Calvin Joselin
Bobby Owen
C.J. Caulfield
Wally Ekstrom, by Bill & Linda Thornburg
John Overholtzer by Clark & Violet Kulp (friend)
Yvette & Ross Burks by Barbara Dockery
Haley Maynard & Family by Barbara Dockery 
 Jean and Ernest Justice by Friends at Food Ministry 
Diane Vervack by George and Suzi Otterman (daughter) 
Bill & Ann Riser by Polly Gillespie (brother-in-law) 
Bob Rolston by Cathy LeGrow (brother-in-law) 

Women and Men Serving their country 

Missionaries across the world

If we removed anyone from the prayer list that still needs prayer, please let us know

Pastor: Rev. Kenny Tucker 
  Acolytes: Terry Hatcher & Kaydin Beeson  
Choir Director: Sarah Hunter 
  Bell Choir: Lori Phillips
Pianists: Sarah Hunter and Lori Phillips  
Sound System: Don Grein, Brad Bradley

Attendance: (Dec. 29th ) 100 Sunday School: 19
Thank you for your gifts last week that enables our ministry to grow and help others!